The Taddle Creek Family Health Team (FHT) is a non-profit incorporated organization, governed by a board of Directors.  The  physicians, working at Taddle Creek FHT, are the Directors.  Directors exercise their authority in compliance with applicable legislation, Letters Patent of the Corporation, approved bylaws, adopted governance policies and procedures and the body of common law applicable to Directors. The Board is responsible for the governance and management of the Corporation’s affairs and for all things made in the Corporation’s name.  More specifically the Board’s responsibilities include the following functions:

  • PlanningiStock_000001583122XSmall
  • Policy
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Performance Management

The Board has three committees:

  • Operations
  • Quality Improvement
  • Joint Health and Safety

Taddle Creek FHT’s Executive Director reports to the Board.

To see the Taddle Creek FHT Governance Structure.