CBT for Anxiety with Mindfulness

Description: Participants suffering with high anxiety learn strategies and practice skills associated with two evidence based treatment modalities; cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and mindfulness meditation. CBT informs participants of how thoughts, moods, behaviours and physical sensations are interrelated in the context of the environment. CBT also examines the assumptions and cores beliefs we hold about ourselves, others and the world and helps to change cognitive distortions that are maladaptive. Mindfulness meditation and relaxation exercises are practiced throughout the length of the group and help to quiet the anxious mind, soothe bodily sensations and help participants remain in the present moment and prevent catastrophizing about the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • To understand the physiology of anxiety and learn about the brain.
  • To learn CBT strategies and skills.
  • To be able to identify productive and unproductive worrying.
  • To learn techniques in order to relax, and soothe bodily sensations.
  • To minimize anxiety with strategic exposure activities and reduce avoidance.

Length: 10 weeks (2 hours once a week)

Maximum Class Size: 10

Group Leaders: Registered Social Workers

Referral: Primary Care Provider to refer to Mental Health Program.