CAMH CBT for Anxiety

12- Week Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Group (CBT) for Anxiety Disorders

Offered at Taddle Creek Family Health Team by CAMH Clinicians

Unified Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Anxiety Disorders is a practical, short-term form of psychotherapy. It helps people develop skills and strategies for managing anxiety and reducing distress.

CBT focuses on the here-and-now, on the problems that come up in day-to-day life and helps people to examine how they make sense of what is happening and how that in turn effects the way they feel.

Over the course of 12 sessions, participants learn how to experience uncomfortable emotions and respond to them in more helpful ways. Using a range of strategies, CBT aims to establish links between emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Understanding how automatic negative thoughts and avoidance behaviours contribute to anxiety enables participants to interrupt the escalating spiral of worry and anxiety. A major component of CBT for Anxiety is exposure therapy, where participants work on increasing their tolerance of uncomfortable situations in a gradual manner.

To summarize, CBT is:

  • Structured (each session has a planned agenda)
  • Time-limited (12 sessions)
  • Problem-focused and goal-oriented
  • Teaches strategies and skills
  • Based on a positive, shared therapeutic relationship between therapist and client

Clients will be provided with treatment manuals at no cost. It is highly recommended participants obtain the book: Unified Protocol for Transdiagnostic Treatment of Emotional Disorders, 2nd Ed, by David Barlow et al.  Information on how to obtain the book is covered in the assessment and the first session. In the meantime, the book is available online at Amazon and Indigo and Caversham Bookstore.  There may also be copies at the local library or at used book stores.

Spring 2020 CBT Anxiety Sessions (12 weeks)

  1. Wednesdays, April 8 – June 24 from 2:30-4:30pm
  2. Wednesdays, April 8 – June 24 from 5:30-7:30pm

A referral is needed to join this group.  Call Taddle Creek FHT (416-260-1315, ext. 0) to confirm your interest in participating in this group.

Note:  Space is limited, first come first served basis.

Session                                  Topics
  • Setting Goals and Maintaining Motivation
  • Three Component Model of Emotion & ARCs of the Emotions
  • Emotion Driven Behaviours
  • Tolerance of Physical Sensations and Symptom Induction
  • In-body Exposures
  • Situational Exposures
  • Mindful Emotion Awareness/Mindfulness
  • Exposures
  • Cognitive Appraisals and Thinking Traps
  • Countering Probability Overestimation and Catastrophizing
  • Addressing Emotion Avoidance
  • Relapse Prevention


Once you begin your group

  • If you cannot attend a session, call Taddle Creek FHT at 416-260-1315 ext 0
  • If you have concerns/questions about group, contact facilitator (contact information will be given at first session)