Paediatric Nutrition – Telephone Consult (4-15 months old)

Taddle Creek FHT is offering telephone consultations with our dietitian for parents of our paediatric population.  This service is not ongoing nutritional counselling but rather an opportunity to have a brief telephone conversation with our dietitian on paediatric nutritional topics/concerns that you may have.  If after consulting with our registered dietitian, our dietitian believes you need or would benefit from ongoing nutritional counselling, she will advise you to seek a referral from your physician/nurse practitioner.

Telephone Consults are available every 2nd Wednesdays of the month from 11am-12pm (exception:  when dietitian is on vacation or ill).  Call 416-260-1315, extension 0.  If you are unable to get through to our dietitian (she may already be engaged in a consult) speak to reception to book.  Reception will take your name and number and ask the dietitian to call you back when she is available or schedule you for the next consult session.

Examples of topics/concerns you may want to discuss with the dietitian:

  • Starting solid foods
  • Allergies
  • Feeding toddler
  • Finger foods
  • Iron and your child
  • Bowel movements & constipation
  • Consuming iron rich foods


Pilot starting Sep 11, 2019