Where can I park? Where are you located?

We are located at 790 Bay Street in Suite 508, on the southwest corner of Bay St. & College St.

By TTC, both College and Queen’s Park stations are walking distance to our location. The College Streetcar and Bay St. Bus also pass by our building.

If you are driving, there is an underground paid parking lot in the building. Alternatively you can use paid street parking or nearby hospital parking lots. Parking spots can fill up quickly, so please allow for extra time before your appointment.

What is the closest TTC (Toronto Transit Commission) station?

We have two office locations:

790 Bay St. (South/West corner of Bay and College)

College Station.

When you exit the College Park (at ground level) go towards College and Bay Street. You can also get off at the Queen's Park station, and walk eastbound on College street.  It is about a 5-10 minute walk.

726 Bloor St. West (Just east of Christie and Bloor, on the north side)

Christie Station.

When you exit Christie Station, walk south to Bloor Street, then head eastbound on Bloor to 726 Bloor St. W.  It is about a 5 minute walk.

How do I access care after-hours?

Taddle Creek FHT's home page indicates the location and time of where you can receive care after hours for Taddle Creek FHT patients.

Click here for the home page.

For access to healthcare services outside outside of our office hours contact Health Connect Ontario

Dial 8-1-1

Is Taddle Creek FHT accepting new patients?

Unfortunately, none of Taddle Creek Family Health Team family physicians or nurse practitioners are accepting new patients.

Some providers may accept family members or newborns of their own patients.

You are also encouraged to contact Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822 for assistance in finding a primary care provider. 

Why can’t any Taddle Creek FHT support staff (i.e. medical secretaries) schedule an appointment with any clinician/physician?

Taddle Creek FHT is structurally not set up to do this.  We have 7 different suites in two physical locations.  Each suite has their own phone system and their own support staff (medical secretaries) with knowledge of each clinicians individual schedule.  In order to rectify this we would need to replace all the phone systems and consider co-locating which would be costly.

To contact/find staff 

To contact/find office locations

What is a Nurse Practitioner and what are their qualifications?

Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioners (PHC NPs) are registered nurses, who are specialists in primary health care, who provide accessible, comprehensive and effective care to clients of all ages. They are experienced nurses with additional nursing education which enables them to provide individuals, families, groups and communities with health services in health promotion, disease and injury prevention, cure, rehabilitation and support. The NP is an advanced practice nurse, functioning within the full scope of nursing practice and as such is not a second level physician nor a doctor's assistant.

For more information click

Can I access services if I am not a patient of Taddle Creek FHT?

Most services are for Taddle Creek FHT patients with some exceptions.

Taddle Creek FHT's Diabetes Education Program and Primary Care@Home programs are open to community physician referrals.

Diabetes Education Program

Primary Care@Home

Taddle Creek FHT runs a variety of groups (see our Programs & Services) and may be open to the public when not at capacity.  An intake assessment and a possible physician referral may be necessary.

How can I see a dietitian, social worker, pharmacist or Diabetes Education Team?

To see our dietitian, for one-on-one counseling, a primary care referral is required (speak with your primary care provider about making a referral).  A priority scale is used on the referral and there is a waiting list for this service.  Contact 416-260-1315 to inquire about wait times or your status on the wait list.

To see one of our social workers, for one-on-one counseling, a primary care referral is required (speak with your primary care provider about making a referral). A priority scale is used on the referral and there is a waiting list for this service. Contact 416-260-1315 to inquire about wait times or your status on the wait list.

To see our pharmacist an appointment is required, however when possible they will try to be available when the need arises (often during an appointment with your primary care provider).  Contact 416-260-1315 to make an appointment.

To see a member of our Diabetes Education Team, a primary care referral is required (speak with your primary care provider about making a referral).  If you are not a patient of Taddle Creek FHT, you can be seen by our Diabetes Education Team, request your primary care provider forward a referral or contact the Diabetes Education Team directly 416-204-1256.

An alternative to waiting to see individual clinicians may be to attend one of our groups.  We have many groups for many different conditions (i.e. hypertension, depression, anxiety, smoking cessation, etc.).

Link to Programs and Services

Link to Calendar

How do I contact a clinician/physician and can I email them?

To find the telephone number for a specific clinician/physician

Link to staff directory

Pomelo Patient Portal 

Taddle Creek FHT uses a secure, encrypted portal for communicating electronically with patients called Pomelo by Telus Health.  This portal provides secure, encrypted email connection between its registrants (TC FHT physicians, clinicians and administration) and invitees (patients).  This is the same tool we use to send patient appointment reminders and possibly in the future, to allow e-booking.

Note:  Not all Taddle Creek Family Health Team physicians use Pomelo by Telus Health

Note:  It is up to the individual physician/clinician if they decide to use Pomelo to communicate with patients or not.

Acceptable Use of Pomelo

To summarize, Pomelo can be used to,

  • Respond to non-urgent patient queries about existing or new non complex conditions, how they are responding to treatment or to clarify instructions
  • Monitor progress or well being (ie food records or weekly action plans)
  • Provide test results or medical records to patients
  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments they are registered for
  • Broadly communicate to patients non clinical information (ie newsletters, new programs, events, etc.)

Each clinician will use their own best judgement about appropriate use by patients and how they choose to respond. However it is agreed that this is not an appropriate means to respond to urgent issues, very sensitive issues or complex issues or conditions. Patients should make an appointment in these instances.

Allowable Patients

Clinicians may establish Pomelo relationship with,

  • Any person with a TC FHT eMR who is over the age of 16
  • A child under the age of (13 or 16?) with parental consent
  • A TC FHT patient’s substitute decision maker

Note: The identity of the patient is based on the email address and password established by each invitee. Should the clinician have any reason to believe the account is being used by anyone other than the invitee, the clinician will immediately de-activate the account until identity can be confirmed.

Establishing Pomelo Relationships

Patients should speak with clinicians about sending a Pomelo invitation to their email.  Once the invitation is accepted by the patient, the Pomelo relationship is established.

Electronic Medical Record (eMR) Documentation

All communications via Pomelo will be copied and pasted into your eMR.

Timely Responses

Clinicians will establish a vacation/away notice using the tools provided by Pomelo when they will not be responding for >72 hrs.  Clinicians are not expected to respond to emails during holidays.  Clinicians may make arrangements to have another clinician respond to Pomelo emails in their absence, if this were to occur, the responding clinician will clearly communicate their identity to you.

Discontinuing Pomelo Relationship

A clinician may discontinue the Pomelo relationship with a patient at any time, based on their discretion. A clinician may discontinue the Pomelo relationship if a patient violates the acceptable uses (see above) and will discontinue if the patient leaves the practice.

Broadcast Emails

Pomelo is also a vehicle for Taddle Creek FHT to send broadcasts to our patients (i.e. to send our Taddler Newsletter).  Broadcasts will occur only with the approval of the Executive Director or Lead Physician.  If you do not wish to receive broadcasts then Pomelo may not be a good communication tool for you.

Access to Communication

Staff and physicians at TC FHT work as a team.  Team members may have access to other clinician's Pomelo communications.  However it is expected that accessing another clinician's Pomelo communications will be on a need to know basis.


Pomelo is our secure email communication service that Taddle Creek FHT has purchased from Pomelo (portal.healthmyself.net). TC FHT has entrusted the maintainence and security to Pomelo.  Clinicians have been trained to never reveal their password to others.  All portable and stationary communication devices must be password protected. If accessing Pomelo on public computers, care will be taken to ensure the password is not saved on the public computer.

How do I find out a group or clinic date or time?

Go to the event calendar on the website for all group and clinic times.  To find out about a specific current or upcoming clinic or group click here. If you still have problems, feel free to call the administration office at 416-260-1315, ext. 0.