Before coming to an appointment to see your primary care provider, some suggestions we have are to:

  1. Let the receptionist know if you feel you may need more time for your appointment when you book it and our team will do our best to accommodate this request.
  2. Bring a list of your medications and your alternative therapies.
  3. Prioritize a list of questions you may have.
  4. Bring your journal if you have been documenting symptoms and the chronology of your medical issues. If you have not been documenting anything to date, it may be worth spending a few minutes to jot down the chronology from your memory.
  5. Review our list of groups and clinics to see if there may be any you may be interested in, in case you need a referral. See also our Group and Clinic Calendar for upcoming events.
  6. Allocate enough time for travel, traffic and parking to make it to your appointment on time.