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New Patient Appointment

Prior to actually providing care (i.e. blood work, assessment, etc.), your primary care provider (physician or nurse practitioner) will want take a history,  discuss expectations and administrative items.  Here is a list of the types of items you can expect to discuss during your first appointment.

  • Primary Care Provider (PCP) will outline how they practice
  • PCP will listen to what matters to you and what your expectations are
  • PCP will explain the Family Health Team (FHT) model of care emphasizing we work collaboratively in a team and share care amongst multiple health discipline (i.e. dietitian, social work, pharmacy, nursing)
  • PCP will explain that you may not see them during a visit and that one of the other health disciplines may provide care to you
  • PCP will asked you to sign a roster form to notify the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care that you have rostered with a Taddle Creek physician (note not mandatory but encouraged) and that you will seek care with your PCP prior to going anywhere else for care (except in an emergency situation)
  • If your PCP is a Nurse Practitioner (NP), they will outline how a NP practices in partnership with your rostering physician
  • PCP will cover booking protocols (i.e. advanced access)
  • PCP will highlight Taddle Creek FHT Services/Groups information on our website
  • PCP will explain that TC FHT often has medical and interdisciplinary students who may be involved in your care
  • PCP will explain how you can get after hour care either in one of our After Hour Clinics (advertised on our website homepage) or through Telephone Health Advisory Service (THAS), an after hour service for patients rostered to a physician at Taddle Creek FHT (Note:  When you contact THAS you will be asked the name of your rostering physician so it is important to know this especially if rostered to a NP)
  • PCPs will explain that he/she will only order blood work, diagnostic tests that are medically indicated and only refer to specialist when medically indicated
  • PCPs at Taddle Creek FHT work collaboratively with other health care providers and thus share your electronic medical record with these providers in order to share care
  • Many Taddle Creek FHT PCP’s use Health Myself (a secure email system) and may invite you to use this tool
  • Cancelling appointments (without 24 hours notice) may result in a missed appointment fee
  • PCP will cover how they prefer to manage prescription refills
  • PCP will cover how they prefer to manage Uninsured Services (i.e. copies of medical records)
  • PCP will explain how they communicate test results
  • PCP will inquire about your historical medical records and whether they feel they need access to these or not
  • PCP requests that an OHIP card be presented for all visits and that you bring your medications to appointments
  • PCP will explain that Taddle Creek FHT has a ‘Prescribing Opioid (Narcotic) Medications/Opiod Treatment Policy and Procedure (see Policy & Procedure on website)

See here for the policy on accepting new patients: 2.03 Accepting New-Transfering-Discharging Patients