Model Of Care

Taddle Creek Family Health Team’s (FHT) model of care is based on three dimensions; Interprofessionalism, Patient Centered Care and Collaboration.


Taddle Creek FHT is made up of physicians and other health care providers (i.e. nurse practitioners, registered nurses, a pharmacist, dietitians, social workers, a physician assistant). The team values each other’s knowledge and contributions, they work hard to build trusting relationships and clarify each other’s roles (i.e. professional skills and training) and they share power. An interprofessional model of care allows the team to develop a common understanding of patients’ needs and build on team members’ skill set to offer comprehensive patient-centered care.

Patient Centered Care

Taddle Creek FHT strives to focus on the needs, preferences and outcomes that are relevant to the patient and their families. Taddle Creek FHT believes patients are central in the care model and are in the best position to inform their  care. Taddle Creek FHT believes people are capable of preventing and managing their own conditions when armed with the skills, knowledge and resources across the stages of their condition(s). A patient centered model of care allows the team to partner with patients more effectively.


Collaboration means Taddle Creek FHT professionals communicate and make decisions together and this enables their separate and their shared knowledge and skills to possitively influence patient care.

Taddle Creek FHT believes, when all three dimensions in our model of care operate together, everyone benefits.