Medical Directives

A medical directive is given in advance by a physician or nurse practitioner to enable an implementer to perform an act/procedure, under specific conditions, without a direct assessment by the physician/nurse practitioner.  Medical Directives facilitate inter-professional care, protect the public, assure competence, establish authority, uphold accountability and enable evolution.

All Taddle Creek FHT’s medical directives go through an approval process and are written with essential components.

Below are approved Taddle Creek FHT medical directives.

TCFHT-MD03_Influenza Immunization

TCFHT-MD05_Diabetes Management in Adults

TCFHT-MD06_Pelvic Examination

TCFHT-MD07_Uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infection

TCFHT-MD08_Anticoagulation Management

TCFHT-MD10_Nicotine Replacement Therapy


TCFHT-MD12_Asthma Action Plan


TCFHT-MD14_Administration and Interpretation of Mantoux Tuberculin Test

TCFHT-MD15_Vaccines and Injectable Substances

TCFHT-MD16_DEP Lab Medical Directive