Mask Up!

November 11th, 2022

There are increasing calls for people to mask up and our team would like to add our voice to these pleas.

We are experiencing one of the worst cold and flu seasons and we haven’t yet reached the peak. The already strained health care system is at risk.

Our offices are busy with patients with respiratory illnesses and some patients are finding it difficult to get appointments for other concerns.

There are shortages of cold and flu medications, as well as the most commonly used antibiotic in children. And, as most of you know, for even the worst viral respiratory infections, antibiotics are of no use.

We need a reset.

Masking remains one of the single most effective tools available to limit the spread of infections.
Inconvenient as it is to resume masking in our daily lives, we are urging everyone to wear a mask in indoor settings, stay home when you’re sick and wear a mask while recovering from a respiratory illness.

If you haven’t received your annual flu shot or latest Covid shot, please get vaccinated.
These simple measures can make a big difference in keeping you and others well; we know they work.

So, amazing patients of Taddle Creek, mask up and spread the word!

Finally, check out our homepage for updated Covid-19 resources and a helpful memo for parents of children with respiratory symptoms.

Your Taddle Creek Family Health Team