Mindful Nutrition Group Recordings

March 20th, 2024

The Mindful Nutrition Group is a virtual educational program available to Taddle Creek Family Health Team patients that provides participants with education, encouragement, and the needed tools to reach personal health goals.

Goals of the Mindful Nutrition Group include:

  • Establish an activity routine that you enjoy
  • A healthy and sustainable diet that works for you
  • Improved relationship with food and your body
  • Awareness of emotional eating and ability to cope with it

Overview Mindful Nutrition Group curriculum:

  • Nutrition – healthy eating, balanced meals, portion control, nutrition labels, heart health, and more.
  • Exercise – physical activity guidelines, exercise safety, making exercise part of your day
  • Psychology – understanding why we eat, personal triggers to emotional eating, and tools to cope with it; learning about your body through intuitive eating and mindfulness


Session 1 – Click here for Video

Session 2 – Click here for Video

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Session 4 – Click here for Video

Session 5 – Click here for Video


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