Single Session Nutrition Drop In

Taddle Creek FHT offers a Single-Session Drop-in Clinic for patients who have an issue or concern and would like to have a consultation with our Registered Dietitian.

This service is a single-session only. For ongoing nutrition counseling sessions you should speak to your primary care provider to discuss a referral to the Dietitian.

Some of the issues that may bring a person to the Single-Session Drop-in Clinic include:

● Meal suggestions
● Supplement review
● Accessing food banks/ community meals
● Nutrition questions
● New changes to diet due to religion, personal reasons, allergies, intolerances
● General healthy eating guidance

The clinic runs from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm on Wednesdays. All sessions will be virtual and conducted by telephone or Zoom Healthcare. You can pre-book by calling 416-260-1315 ext. 0.